Our ongoing research focuses on various areas, including:

  1. Photophysical processes in systems such as AIE-luminogens, BAI, tryptanthrin, and thioindigo derivatives
  2. Practical applications of these compounds, such as tryptanthrin, include their use as active materials in Redox Flow Batteries.
  3. PPractical applications of these compounds, including donor-acceptor systems with anthraquinone, involve their use as dyes in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs).
  4. Host-Guest interactions of cucurbiturils (CB7 and CB8) with fluorescent probes.
  5. PhotoCORMS (Controlled Photo-Released Organic Molecules, in collaboration with CICECO-UA).
  6. TTA-UC molecular systems.
  7. Aurophilic complexes involving Au(I) and coumarin.
  8. Synthesis of ligands to stabilize G-quadruplexes for inhibiting DNA telomerase in cancer cells.
  9. Conjugated organic polymers, including polyfluorene and ladder-type polymers.
  10. The chemistry of the molecules of colour, including their use on 19th-century postage stamps.
  11. We are also deeply engaged in the study of indirubin and isoindigo derivatives in the context of the molecules of colour.