Master Thesis – Gabriel Marques

Gabriel Marques has completed his master’s degree in forensic chemistry, culminating in a thesis titled ‘Desenvolvimento de métodos de deteção seletiva de explosives através de sondas fluorescenctes dispersas em membranas poliméricas’.

His research focused on developing selective detection methods for explosives using fluorescent probes dispersed in polymeric membranes. Gabriel’s study aimed to address the pressing need for rapid and accurate detection techniques for nitroaromatic compounds, known for their dangerous properties.

Through meticulous experimentation and analysis, Gabriel evaluated the interaction of four fluorescent probes with various nitro compounds, both in solution and in vapor form. The results of his research demonstrate promising advancements in the field, highlighting the selectivity and sensitivity of certain fluorescent probes to specific nitroaromatics.

Congratulations, Gabriel, on this remarkable achievement and contribution to the scientific community!

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