Sérgio Seixas de Melo


Group Leader

Sérgio is the leader of the Photochemistry Group @ UC.

PhD in the Technical University of Lisbon (1996). Professor at the University of Coimbra.

Sérgio possesses over 30 years of experience in photochemistry, photophysics, and ultrafast kinetics. More recently, he has cultivated interests in the intersection of Chemistry & Art and has placed a particular emphasis on Energy Storage, particularly in the context of redox flow batteries.

In 2006, he received the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) Award – Vicente Seabra Medal in acknowledgment of the high-quality, original, and independent research conducted in the field of Chemistry in Portugal by an investigator under 40 years of age.

His H-index is 49 according to Google Scholar and H-index is 45 according to WoS-Publons, with more than 7900 citations and over 200 publications.

João Pina


PhD, Auxiliar Professor

Ultrafast laser spectroscopy materials characterization, optical spectroscopy.
Optical properties of organic and inorganic semiconductors and Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Photon Up-conversion (TTA-UC) molecular systems based on NIR excitable aggregated Pt(II) Chlorins and AIE luminogens.


Ana Clara Beltran Rodrigues


PhD, Junior Researcher

Junior Research Fellow (Grant 2021. 03217.CEECIND) since June 2022, and pos-doctoral researcher at the Photochemistry Group@UC since 2018.

Her research focus on the rational design of efficient organic luminophores, and then correlate structure-property of these compounds on different processes known to lead to enhanced light emission, such as aggregation induced emission (AIE).

She is also interested in developing new organic solar concentrators that will be responsible to harvest sunlight in smart windows.
Besides, she collaborates with the Organic Chemistry Group at UC, on the project Chem4LungCare (PTDC/QUI-QOR/0103/2021).

Telma Costa


PhD, Junior Researcher

The utilization of FLIM across various domains includes:

(i) Film Morphology: FLIM is employed for studying film morphology.

(ii) Oxygen Sensing (FLIM/PLIM): FLIM is used as an oxygen sensor in in vitro experiments.

and Energy Storage: development of active materials for  Redox Flow Batteries (RFB).

Our Students

Daniela N. S. dos Santos

PhD Student

Catarina Pinto

PhD Student

Ricardo Pereira

PhD Student

Carla Cunha

PhD Student

Simone Ferreira

PhD Student

Mariana Peixoto

PhD Student

Paulo D. N. Barradas

PhD Student

Susana Takato

PhD Student

Gabriel Marques

Master Student

Ângela Marques

Master Student

Francisca Pessoa

Master Student

Former Post-doc Researchers

Alan Rogério Lima
email: alan.quimicafct@gmail.com

Felipe A. Augusto 
email: felipe.augusto142@gmail.com

Maria Jorge Pratas 
email: pratasmj@gmail.com

Dora Pontinha 
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Estefania Delgado
email: Estefania.Delgado@uv.es


Former PhD students

Raquel Amaral
email: rf.amaral@gmail.com

Ana Luísa Costa
email: analuisasilvacosta@sapo.pt

Catherine Suenne de Castro
email: catycastro1987@gmail.com

Raquel Rondão
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Daniela Ribeiro Pinheiro
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Former Master Students

Catarina Cabral 
email:  caticabral@gmail.com

José Miguel Sousa
email:  ze.miguel.dsousa@gmail.com

João Pedro Ferreira
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Carla Gomes
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Mariana Albuquerque

Filipa Inácio

Mohamed Alnady

Lucia Rusin